Duration: 40 hours

Unit Trainer: Nancy Oloo --Email: lavyke@gmail.com

Welcome message

Hello and Welcome to Agriprenuership Level 3. Read through and understand the course content for this course unit, the activities that you will have to undertake during the course, and assessment methods. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to ;

  1. Prepare to develop agri-enterprise business plan.
  2. Develop agri-enterprise business plan
  3. Assess agri-enterprise business plan
  4. Complete development of agri-enterprise business plan

Topics and assignments

This unit  of competency has four learning outcomes or topics.  Each topic will open on the first week of the term. 


It is important that you also participate in every activity and discussion in the forum. Ensure you reply to at least 3 discussions on every topic. Assessment will be done continually, both theoretically and practically. This will assess the Knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. This will include internal and external assessment.

Course Delivery

Each topic includes various activities; use of a forum, quizzes, and some background reading — that demonstrate the types of material that will be used throughout the course. Each week, more course activities and resources become visible. Log in often – daily if possible – to study the course material, check assignments, communicate with colleagues, meet deadlines, etc. Please download these course resource documents and save them to your computer or to work offline. You can also download the app to help you with learning offline.


Upon completion of the course, a certificate of competency will be awarded.


What technology works well with this course???? - Browser, mobile app. Download the mobile app in case you may not be able to access a desktop or laptop.